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EditShare Sets Sights on the New Year with the Release of Flow 2019

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Expands secure cloud-based media collaboration by connecting creatives and facilities to Amazon S3 & Glacier, Backblaze and Microsoft Azure

Basingstoke, UK — December 5, 2018ЕдитСхаре, a technology leader in intelligent scale-out storage, AQC and media management solutions, today announced Flow 2019, the media asset management (MAM) solution that simplifies media sharing and collaboration with easy-to-use tools to manage media acquisition, assembly and delivery beyond the confines of the facility. Flow currently supports on premise storage vendors such as Страствен ISIS/NEXIS as well as any SMB shared storage. Flow also connects to leading archive providers such as Amazon S3, Generic S3, StorageDNA and Масстецх FlashNet.

This latest release improves storage compatibility with new support for Amazon Glacier, Арцхиваре P5, Backblaze and Microsoft Azure. Flow connects siloed storage pools to facilitate file ingest, asset tracking, search and retrieval, storyboarding, media transcoding and migration policies as well as delivery for editors, colorists, and creatives everywhere.

"To meet the demand, production houses and content producers need to tap into a much larger pool of creative storytellers and leverage talent wherever they are located and, if need be, bring them into the creative process remotely. From a production standpoint, it’s an enormous challenge and this is where Flow solves the pain point.” Tara Montford, managing director EMEA at ЕдитСхаре објашњава "This latest release of Flow opens up a whole new world of storage vendors, that previously could not utilise a media asset management solution such as Flow. Adding in additional storage vendors such as Microsoft Azure Files and Amazon Glacier whilst also including NFS storage platforms, brings a wealth of opportunities to the Flow ecosystem, enabling more clients to index and categorise their valuable media".

Flow brings intelligent file ingest, asset indexing, search and retrieve as well as tools to storyboard, annotate and collaborate on media projects. It also offers advanced automation and workflow design tools to automate complex processes such as transcoding and redundant media migrations including moving content from production to nearline to archive storage spaces.

New capabilities in Flow 2019 include:

  • Expanded storage support with Amazon Glacier, Backblaze and Microsoft Azure Files which provides immense flexibility in terms of scaling productions resources and content volume.
    • Amazon Glacier allows users to archive to and restore from Amazon Glacier vaults.
    • Backblaze b2 allows users to back up their content to offsite secure data centers.
    • Microsoft Azure Files cloud support enables backup and archive to the Microsoft cloud. Flow can also index existing media.
  • Подршка за Арцхиваре P5 allowing archive and restore to LTO as well as another supported cloud backends.
  • Enhanced video and audio codec support.
  • Support for a virtualized KVM environment.
  • Support for third-party storage solutions that utilise NFS mounting. New workflow enhancements range from the new advanced metadata update panel to quick searching, improved timeline editing and interchange improvements with leading NLEs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Composer Ultimate and Final Cut Pro X

Flow Pricing and Availability

ЕдитСхаре Flow is available today in three packages: Basic, Advanced and Enterprise. Volume pricing is also available. Users can test-drive Flow by downloading a free 14-day trial at: my.ЕдитсхареЦом..

За више информација, посетите flow.editshare.com or please contact салес@едитсхаре.цом.

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